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August 2022 | This Month We're Inspired By...

While we spend as many hours as possible outside soaking up the sunshine, we have been dreaming about upcoming holidays, using style as our favourite form of self-expression and enjoying life in full colour.

With revamped film releases and retro animation characters popping up all over the high street, join us in revelling in this fabulous throwback trend. Find your favourite childhood characters in many of our latest collections, giving you every reason to spend the summer reminiscing.

1 Aug 2022

Just Be You

DKNY - Violette Strickmütze für Mädchen | ChildrensalonDKNY
39,00 £
DKNY - Schwarze Jogginghose in Blockfarben | ChildrensalonDKNY
65,00 £

DKNY | Do Your Thing

Striving to be our most authentic selves feeds into every form of self-expression, especially our wardrobe. In fact, what we choose to wear is the ultimate form of it so it only makes sense to encourage our kids to dress however they feel comfortable – because comfort leads to confidence. DKNY is launching a new logo that will adorn their latest collection alongside the launch of their ‘Do Your Thing’ campaign – it’s all about providing chic street styles that children can wear to be completely and unapologetically themselves. And the best news? Most of their pieces work perfectly for school too. Discover their latest collection here.

Throw It Back

Reminisce With Retro Releases

This year there's been more than just a nod to the '90s with a number of different micro-trends - cycling shorts, jelly shoes and oversized hoodies to name just a few. What we’re enjoying most though is the throwback to the era when animation on tees and sweatshirts became more than just a passing trend. Indulging our wish to reminisce over our own childhoods, this season designers are celebrating some of our most-loved characters. From Garfield the lasagne-loving cat who makes an appearance in the MARC JACOBS collection, to Stella McCartney Kids' 1940s Fantasia print flying the flag for Disney. Favourites of ours include this Sponge Bob T-shirt, also by MARC JACOBS and this cute Care Bears sweatshirt by Rock Your Baby. 

The Animals Observatory

This month, we're inspired by the eclectic world of The Animals Observatory, a brand celebrating the magic of childhood. Offbeat prints, animal motifs, and printed slogan pieces make up the collection, earning its place in your child's summer wardrobe. 

Alongside its compelling designs and nonchalant coolness, the brand focuses on sustainable and regenerative fashion, with recycled materials and packaging used across the line. We're obsessed with this ice cream print hoodie and how egg-stra are these fried egg tracksuit bottoms

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