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CS Summer Camp | S'More Recipes

This month we're going back to nature with our Childrensalon Summer Camp.

In keeping with the theme, a traditional summer camp (namely camp fire) tradition is the super-sweet S'More treat. Iconically American,  S'Mores have become a popular delicacy in the UK in recent years.
The recipe calls for toasted marshmallows which naturally makes it the best campfire activity.

Named S'Mores as a shortened version of 'some more' the recipe first appeared in a Girl Scout booklet in the US in the 1920s and the association is thought to have been the ones to invent the recipe. A S'More is made using just three  ingredients - marshmallows, chocolate and savoury crackers - traditionally the Graham cracker which is widely available in the US. 

New Jersey is the home of the Graham cracker, so we asked lifestyle contributor @julesalmnt, Yully Hernandez - who lives in the US with her family - to share tips on how to make the perfect campfire S'More.

19 Aug 2020

Yully says...

Last weekend we decided to head out of the city and spend the weekend in nature at Oquaga Creek State Park. JJ loves camping, as there is so much wildlife to be seen and heard, from the sound of birds cawing and the river running, to running around in the dirt and climbing around the rocks. The list goes on and on. Here is a place where JJ can really get down and dirty, and just have lots of fun doing so, with the freedom to explore, discover and learn more about the natural world.

It brings us together a family, and really allows us all time to switch off, recharge and relax. At this particular camp site, we also found an isolated beach, so we had endless hours of playing in the sand and cooling off in the water. When we’re camping JJ’s favourite thing to do in the evenings is make S’Mores, which is a classic campfire staple.

- You will need -

  • - A packet of Graham crackers, or any plain digestive biscuit will work - depending on how many S'Mores you plan to make you’ll need two ‘crackers’ per S'More
  • - Packet of large marshmallows – one per S'More
  • - Family size chocolate bar – one square of chocolate per S'More
  • - Wooden or metal BBQ skewers
  • - Camp fire or other naked flame

* Parental assistance should be given at all times and health and safety measures should be followed.

- How to make your S'Mores -

- Firstly, lay out the Graham crackers onto a plate or flat surface, and then place one square of chocolate on top of each cracker square. Now you’ve prepped the bottom of the S’More and you’re ready to begin roasting your marshmallows.

With an adult present, begin to place the marshmallows onto the skewer, making sure to keep a safe distance from the open flame.

Once the marshmallow has begun to get gooey and crispy on the outside, bring away from the flame and allow to cool for a few seconds.

Carefully slide the marshmallow off the skewer and onto the cracker with the chocolate square.

- Gently place another cracker on top of the marshmallow, and squeeze together.

The heat from the marshmallow will begin to melt the chocolate square, and now you’ve got yourself a wonderful sweet treat.

Now enjoy and watch out for those messy fingers! JJ always loves to sit around the campfire with his S’Mores, perfectly washed down with a glass of milk.

Images by @julesalmnt

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