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Styling Ralph with Sofia

Summer - notably June and July - is the time to attend outside sporting events in the UK and Sofia Gouveia knows better than anyone, as every year she likes to attend the Chestertons Polo in the Park family day with little Suri. This year was extra special as it was baby Sienna’s first time visiting the event. 

We caught up with Sofia to find out all about their fun-filled day and how she likes to style one of her favourite designers, choosing her top picks pieces from the Ralph Lauren kids' AW'19 collection.

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17 Jun 2019

Do you have a favourite piece from the Ralph Lauren AW’19 collection?

So many! The Polo Ralph Lauren kids pique cotton dresses - especially the white and navy - are a must-have in any girl’s wardrobe. They are timeless but fashionable at the same time, so you can never go wrong with one. I’m also loving the return of the big bear print which we’ve seen already in this current collection, it’s too cute. For Ralph Lauren boys, a pair of chinos and shorts and a shirt or polo T-Shirt are staple pieces. Ralph Lauren makes it so simple to dress boys.

What do you think makes Ralph Lauren’s designs so timeless?
The classic cuts and style and the preppy look. As a family, we love Ralph Lauren because of that - I think it’s the only brand we all four have in common in our wardrobes. The simple, elegant and “clean” lines of their designs and material make it always relevant, no matter what’s going on with the rest of the fashion industry. Not too long ago, I read somewhere that it’s a brand that simultaneously evokes sophistication, glamour and aspiration, but also accessibility, familiarity and approachability, I couldn’t agree more. 

Describe Suri’s style?

Has this been influenced by your own style, and is she starting to make her own fashion choices?

Suri’s style has always been very classic with lots of pretty dresses, full of pastel colours with some navy and red in the middle and so far this has been influenced by my own style. People ask me how it’s possible to match our colours so often and the answer is easy - the colours I love for me are the same colours I love for both my daughters, except for pink that I wear very little and I like to see on them. I’m always asked how I can still control Suri’s choices when she is 7 years old and at the same time keep her happy. I have two secrets to do that - the first one is that I get most of her clothing online. For example, Childrensalon allows me to make an initial selection, add it to my Wishlist and only then do I show it to her and let her choose from there - this way it’s still her choice. She loves having control but at the same time it’s pre-controlled by me (you know, when you don’t see it you don’t want it). The second secret tip is a compromise - for example, if she sees ripped jeans on a friend and asks me for some, I’m happy to compromise and buy them for her. Two years ago she started wanting more “cool” clothing to mix in with the pretty dresses (as she calls it), I’m perfectly fine with that and again this is where the compromise comes in. If you outright forbid things, it will not only have consequences now but in the future. I want her to build her own style and she is already doing it, but at the same time, I want to give her a good foundation to develop from there.

Did Suri enjoy the event and did she get to partake in the fun tradition of stomping the divots at half time?

Yes, of course, that’s one of the highlights of the afternoon - I remember the first year, she was so surprised and excited at the same time seeing so many people invading the pitch and stomping the divots. Suri loves Polo in the Park, it’s already a family tradition and over the years we’ve been recruiting more and more friends to join us - this means more friends for Suri to enjoy the day with. On Sunday, the family day event is full of kid’s activities, meaning that there’s no time to get bored. There’s not one single year that she asked to go home because she was not having fun and that says it all. 

Were there any specific activities for children to enjoy?

Would you recommend it as a day out for the family?

Sunday is the family day, so it’s all families with kids. As soon as the doors open at 11:30 am, children’s entertainers Sharky and George are already on the pitch, ready to ensure kids have the best fun ever. The show is called the “Pitch Invasion” it lasts until 1:30 pm when the games start and the range of activities is amazing, catering for all ages. If you know Sharky and George, you know what I’m talking about, they are the best. Inside the pitch, you also have bouncy castles and it’s incredible to see the whole pitch full of kids having fun with the various activities. Throughout the day, there’s a kid’s area outside the pitch where they can enjoy face painting and other activities, all within a controlled space - I highly recommend it as a day out for the family and to give you peace of mind kids wear identification bracelets at all times with your phone number, so they are always safe.

You’re always on the go and attending fabulous events. How has it been adapting to life with two children?

I have to say that the age gap helps - it means that during the week when I am by myself with the girls, Suri is in school until mid-afternoon and I only have Sienna most of the day. Even during half term or at after-school events where I take both girls, it’s very easily manageable because Suri is very responsible and she can help if I need it. Nevertheless, life changes a lot with two kids - it’s amazing how different it is to have two kids to take care of. You are never alone - if Suri goes on a playdate I always have Sienna if my husband takes one I always have the other one, although I’m not complaining. Speaking specifically about events and being out a lot with them, I’m often told that I make it seem easy - it’s not easy, but it is possible. 

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