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Interview with Brothers Oliver & Oscar Bailey | Siblings Day

Siblings Day which falls on 10 April every year is the day to celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters.
One of our all-time favourite sibling duos Oscar and Oliver Bailey are well-known child models. Youngest brother Oliver, nine years began his modelling career in December 2015 with his first assignment being the Childrensalon Christmas Campaign - he has since gone on to feature in countless fashion campaigns and magazine editorials including Marie Claire Italia, Vanity Fair, Harpers Bazaar and more.

The chances are you'll have seen him somewhere or in something at least once. The equally charming and talented Oscar, 11 years began his career after Oliver, having been spotted at one of Oliver's assignments and encouraged to join an agency. Oscar's first job was for Childrensalon too, this time in February 2017. Both brothers are part of the prestigious Sugar Kids agency, based in Barcelona, Spain, and often travel the world together, sharing unique experiences that most brothers can only dream of. 

9 Apr 2020


Oscar and Oliver live with their mother Gabi in the New Forest, a beautiful part of Southern England. Because of their busy schedules, the brothers are both home schooled and mum Gabi accompanies them to all their various assignments. We caught up with the brothers to talk about their sibling bond and their shared modelling experieces. 



Below images: Left: Oliver's first ever assignment - the 2015 Childrensalon Christmas campaign | Right: Oscar's first ever assignment for Childrensalon in 2017. 

What do you enjoy most about being a model?

OSCAR: I really like that you get to meet people from all over the world and you get to learn a bit of their language. One of my friends taught me some Dutch. We had fun in the car on the way to the shoot teaching each other how to say things.


OLIVER: I really like meeting all the grown-ups on the shoots. When you go back they always remember the music you like and the things that make you laugh. At one shoot they always do a special handshake with me. How do they even remember that?

You often get to take part in shoots together. What’s the best part of having your brother with you on set?

OSCAR: It’s really nice that we get to go away together and make the same friends.


OLIVER: When we get back home we can talk about it together about what we did.

Other than modelling, what would be your second favourite career when you grow up?

OSCAR: I want to be a basketball player. I love basketball but I think I need to grow a bit more first …. Oliver is taller than me but he can’t get any in… so maybe it doesn’t matter how tall I am.


OLIVER: I thought I wanted to be a policeman but all I want to be is a drummer in a band. I can’t practice them at the moment though as my drum kit is at my Grandma’s house and we can’t go there.

Where’s the most exciting place you’ve travelled to?

OSCAR: I know I should probably say some of the countries we have been to but my favourite place was Wales. I was with mum and Oliver and we stayed in the middle of nowhere in an amazing house for a week for a shoot, surrounded by sheep. I got to climb the biggest hill that was behind the house. It took me and mum 4 hours, but we could see the house from the top.


OLIVER: My favourite place was Miami because we got to fly first class and we will probably never, ever get to do that again. You got to watch tv and play x box games and you could even lay down and sleep. I didn’t want to get off the plane.


When you’re not travelling the world on fun assignments, what do you like to do together in your downtime at home?

OSCAR: We like building dens in the woods next to our house and making campfires in the garden. We’re making a big den at the moment.


OLIVER: I like playing with our dog Miles and going on the trampoline. Miles likes the trampoline as well and wags his tail all the time when he is on it.



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