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#SafeAtHome | Play Dress Up

Staying in is the new going out and with many families choosing to spend their time in pyjamas and lounge wear to stay comfortable, every day outfits have become quite dull. 

With every opportunity to dress how you like as no one will see, why not take advantage. Dress as a pirate for breakfast? No problem. Wear your favourite princess costume to draw and paint? Absolutely!

31 Mar 2020


- Just because it's a Tuesday night and you're having Monday night's leftovers as you're trying to preserve supplies, there's no reason why you can't get dressed up for dinner. Dress little boys with a blazer over a T-Shirt or a cute bow tie. For little girls, let them wear their favourite party dress that only comes out of the wardrobe for special occasions. Mums and dads - when the children have gone to bed, why not take out your wedding outfits for a romantic meal at home to inject some nostalgia into your evening. 

- Using clothing you have at home, decide a theme together as a family as to what you can dress as. To make it extra fun, turn it into a game whereby you choose a letter and you have to dress up as something beginning with that letter. Online parties and networking events have become an every day thing in light of social distancing. Host a virtual fancy dress party with friends using the letter game. 

- For mums and dads working from home, dress down Fridays are now dress up Fridays. If you're in your pyjamas every day of the week, make the extra effort on a Friday to get dressed and make yourself look and feel better. 

Take inspiration from Lucas and Amelie from @allmumstalk who have spent their down time dressing up as a knight and princess to colour their own fort. Follow @allmumstalk here. 


Share with us on instagram images of your family playing dress up @childrensalon #safeathome

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