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Travel Diaries: New York

Our Salonniere Haileigh Vasquez tells us what she loves about her home city of New York, and shares her top five favourite things to do in the exciting city that never sleeps.
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24 Apr 2019


"Welcome to my city, New York, where the vibe makes you feel alive! In New York, people have great style and there’s always something going on. Everywhere you turn at any time of the day, you feel like you are standing in a crowd where there's always something exciting ready to happen. Your eyes are always wandering because there’s so much to see, and you can walk anywhere if you have the time. It’s where even if you leave home without a plan, a plan will find you. The food is amazing no matter where you go and there’s an adventure waiting for you around any corner."


What are your top five favourite things to do in the city?

1. For me, all year round it’s the museums. I love the MET. It’s so big inside and there’s so much to see. I also enjoy exploring at the Sony Wonderland. There’s tons to do like playing with technology. The Intrepid Museum in Chelsea Piers is also a favourite of mine. Then normally, I like to go bowling at Pier 60 nearby and go to Sugar Factory in Meat Packing for the sugar rainbow coloured mini delicious burgers!

2. Coney Island! I love that place, it's one of the best places to visit in New York. It’s a fun place to hang out with friends. There are rides, a roller coaster that’s older than my mom, ice cream, a boardwalk and a beach. What more can you ask for?!

3. If you are into fashion like me, shopping on 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue are my absolute favourites. From 86 St & Madison to 50th you just walk on a spring day and it’s the absolute best. Nothing like a nice new outfit to make you feel confident.

4. The Central Park Zoo. I love animals and it’s cool to see a bunch of cool animals in the middle of the city! It feels like a little escape with all of the greenery around.

5. No one does a parade better than NYC! As a New Yorker, I look forward to the New York Easter Parade. It's my absolutely favourite time of the year because 1. my birthday is usually near and 2. I get so much fashion inspiration from the people who come out with their best hats and amazing fashion. I love the crowd of people that get together and every year I’ve made some good friends. I have so much fun just watching people walk by and the Easter floats are always exciting. I often dream of being on one too. There’s also a fun Easter egg hunt, face painting, balloons, cotton candy and some streets close down for block parties. I always come with my Easter basket empty and I get back home with tons of stuff. Plus, I also get to shop for a cute outfit. 


New York is famous amongst other delicious foods, for hot dogs, and every year at Coney Island Nathan's host the famous 4th July hot dog eating contest. Where is the best place in NYC to get a hot dog?

Ok so I’m allergic to hot dogs. It was a sudden thing which I’m very upset by because I love hot dogs. But when I was able to have them, the best I've had is from Feltmans in Coney Island. If you want to commute or are around the area, they're great! However, I would often go to Grays Papaya mainly because it’s in the city and not a far commute. 

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