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Travel Diaries: Milan

Milan is renowned as one of the world's fashion capitals, however the art of looking good is not only reflected in the way people dress but in its architecture and general love of creativity. With so much happening in and around the city in the summer, we got little Milan native Chloe and mum Haiyan from @digitalmodernfamily to talk us through her favourite things to do in her home city of Milan with kids. 
“Milan is really a kid-friendly city with a lot of attractions such as museums, parks and most importantly, the best gelato in the world! During the summer season, it has really cool events too. Chloe was born and raised in Milan, she loves this city because every day we can do something different but of course she has her top 5 places where she has the most fun”

All images by @digitalmodernfamily
5 Jul 2019

So what are Chloe's top 5 things to do in the city?


1. La Libreria Dei Ragazzi -Via Alessandro Tadino 53 -

It’s a historical library dedicated to kids who love to read. It’s a really big library with cute little tables and chairs where kids can sit and look through the illustrated books or read them before they choose the right one! Chloe loves to come here because she can have a huge choice of books - she can choose from illustrated books, play books, first reading and nursery rhymes too. All the books are divided by age and category, so it’s really quick and easy to find what you have in mind. The owner is a really nice 60 year old man that always makes you feel at home.

2. Giardini Indro Montanelli - Via Palestro 6 -

This park is one of the biggest in Milan. It’s really easy to reach with public transportation. You take the red line metro and get off at Palestro and the park is right where the exit is. It is in downtown, so you can reach it by foot as well if you are walking from Duomo. The park is so green but it has a big playground with traditional games, that is always loved by kids. The Natural History Museum is also there and the Milan Planetarium is full of events in July! Anyone going should check their website before they visit to catch the best events. Around the park you can also find a cute carousel, snack bar and Chloe’s all-time favourite attraction which is the vintage bicycle company where you can rent a bike to ride around the park.

3. Piazza Gae Gaulenti -

Piazza Gae Gaulenti is one of the most recent constructions in Milan - it is a circular square raised 6m above the street. It has become Milan’s favourite square to spend time on Sundays, because it’s a shopping district where you can find any sort of shop - from jewellery, make up, coffee shops, cool restaurants and during Christmas time there is always a skating rink and a festive market with a huge huge Christmas tree! Kids love this place in summer because it becomes an open air swimming pool! Chloe loves to get her feet wet to keep cool and as we know all kids love water.

4. Parco Biblioteca degli Alberi -

This park has different entrances, and is the biggest after Parco Sempione and Indro Montanelli. It opened only one year ago and if you pass by Gae Gaulenti, you can’t not stop by here too. Different from the other park, this one is privately managed and has no gate. Families love this place because it has sport facilities, educational tours, vegetable gardens and paths made specifically for cyclists and runners, however you can just go there and simply enjoy relaxing under the shadow of the trees, reading a book whilst kids have fun on the swings.

5. Artico - Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi 15 -

This Ice Cream parlour is placed in Isola, one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Milan. Families love to have lunch or dinner in Isola and then take head off for dessert at Artico! To us, it is one of the best places by far to eat ice cream in the city! It has traditional flavours such as chocolate, vanilla and pistachio and they are all delicious! Artico is our favourite because in addiction to traditional gelato, they have Sicilian granita too! Try the cream and you and your children will want it more and more! Artico is not placed only in Isola, but near to Duomo too, exactly Via Dogana 1. 

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