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#SafeAtHome | Plate Decoration

Making each day different when you're in the home and garden every day, it can be difficult to be interested and engaged to activities. This weekend is the arrival of Easter with a full three days bank holiday that would usually be spent welcoming visitors and visiting relatives and friends. For parents currently working from home in the week, this is the perfect opportunity for some down time and to enjoy some fun activities as a family.  

In a time where things feel uncertain for children, the power of positivity is extremely valuable. One our our favourite DIY collaborators, Hester shows you how you can make cute plates with positive messages which can be given as gifts to friends and family. 

9 Apr 2020

Hester says ...

"Decorating the plates is very relaxing, you can use plates you had spare (so decluttering your cupboards!) and as a result you have a few thoughtful gifts to send to your friends. Have a look online for the porcelain pen and the plate hangers, they are widely available at online stores.

Please add a note to your parcel that these plates are for decorative purposes only, once you write on them they are not suitable to eat from anymore.


For the pen I used, an Edding porcelain brushpen, you need to let your drawing dry for 15 minutes, You then bake it in the oven on 160 C or 320 F for 25 minutes.  Switch the oven off and let your plates cool in the oven. If you use a different brand pen please check their instructions for curing your drawings.

Once the plates are cooled down you can stick a plate hanger sticker on the back so they are easy to hang. Wrap your plates up in send them off to your friends and family, I recon they will be very happy to receive this handmade gift. Please do bare in mind you shouldn’t send out plates if your are self isolating cause you are ill, germs can live on surfaces for several days.


I was still aloud to go outside last week hence me picking these plates up but I really wouldn’t want to go shopping anymore in the current climate. Please just use whatever you already have in your cupboards

Keep well, stay healthy and stay at home, see you soon with a new tutorial xx Hester


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